Artees Vannett – Chief Operations Officer

Artees Vannett is the Chief Operations Officer of Grey Snow Management Solutions LLC, the Section 17 Economic Development corporation wholly owned by the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska and is chartered under Tribal law. Mr. Vannett is responsible for organizing and managing the tribe’s agricultural enterprises and driving their regenerative agriculture mission of restoring the landscape and soil health through sustainable and native agricultural practices. Under the guidance of the CEO, Mr. Vannett helps drive the Company’s strategy and maintain the day-to-day operations of the Company’s multitude of businesses. 

Mr. Vannett specializes in agribusiness and regenerative agriculture, market development, business development, brand strategy, client relationship management, and performance improvement. He has spent over ten years working directly in the cannabis and hemp industry managing greenhouses, outdoor cultivation, research and development, and product development in both the private and University sectors. Mr. Vannett wrote the rules and regulations for the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska’s hemp regulatory plan and is a regular speaker on how industrial hemp can be utilized as a catalyst for economic development in Indian Country. A strong advocate for plant and fungi medicines, Mr. Vannett has dedicated much of his life to making these medicines available to the public. 

Named after the Spoon Man, a percussionist from Seattle, WA., Artees Vannett is a musician and artist at heart and brings much of this energy to his work. Having played upright and electric bass for multiple University orchestras, Metal and Jazz bands, and a few bluegrass jambands, he is constantly searching for new sounds and rhythms to bring to his practice. 

He lives in Eugene, OR. with his partner and their daughter. They spend most weekends out in the forest hiking, gathering mushrooms, and enjoying the splendor of the outdoors. He works out of White Cloud, KS typically one week out of every month. 

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