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Dr. Jason Pockrus is the Grant Writer for GSMS.  As a Grants and Contracts Administrator with the ITKN (Iowa Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska), he oversees compliance and reporting for grants that are currently active for both ITKN, GSMS, and other Tribal businesses. 

Outside of these roles, Dr. Pockrus is also hired by ITKN and GSMS on a contract basis to act as project manager and grant writer for various grant applications that are relevant to ITKN Tribal organizations. This pairing of contract grant writer and salaried grants administrator is an innovative approach taken on by the ITKN and GSMS management teams and allows Jason to flow seamlessly from the beginnings of a grant project all the way through to its execution and completion.

Dr. Jason Pockrus is also Tam Global Consultants’ in-house grant writer. He specializes in guiding businesses and nonprofits through the grant process. He writes compelling narratives that win funding. Dr. Pockrus’ proposals have been accepted and secured grant funding from organizations including the US Fulbright Program, The NEA, The NSF, The McDaniels Foundation, the Woodard Memorial Fund, the China Scholars Council, and more. In addition to his 15 + years’ experience as a grant writer, researcher, and academic, Dr. Pockrus is also a Google Certified SEO and offers expertise on a variety of commercial writing projects.

With a Doctorate in Music/Ethnomusicology (University of North Texas), and certification in Grant Proposal Writing (Fort Hays State University), Dr. Pockrus specializes in large-scale government grant projects and Native American/Indigenous community initiatives. He has over 6 years as an academic researcher, 15 years as a grant writer, and has worked on projects ranging from the arts to industrial recycling and hydroponic agriculture. Having worked as a grant writer from small nonprofits to governmental organizations like the City of Long Beach and Doniphan County, as well as projects with the University of California San Bernardino, Dr. Pockrus finds immense satisfaction when his grant writing pays off.

In 2021 alone, Jason’s grant narratives have won: 

Dr. Pockrus resides in Denver, Colorado.  He is a Fulbright Scholar (2014/2015, China) and is fluent in written and spoken Chinese.  In his free time, he enjoys music, including playing saxophone and guitar, as well as exploring new cultures when he gets the chance to travel. 

Dr. Pockrus believes that the innovative steps being undertaken by both the ITKN and GSMS make this an exciting time to be a part of the future that these two organizations are creating.

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