Our Team

Operating with a regenerative, sustainable approach, Grey Snow Management Solutions, LLC has expanded its range of projects and services including construction, logistics, technological, and engineering services. Our community outreach and communication efforts have highlighted a deep desire to invest in walkable communities, job creation, and economic Tribal sovereignty. The GSMS team’s passions and experiences mirror an inclusive culture that reflects the rich traditions and history of the Ioway people and the local community.

David Tam

CEO, Grey Snow Management Solutions

Artees Vannett

Director of Operations, Grey Snow Management Solutions

Kathy Gregory

Director of Finance, Grey Snow Management Solutions

Keyanna Dawson

Human Resources

Sara Santo

Executive Assistant, Grey Snow Management Solutions

Kim Patterson

Senior Accountant, Grey Snow Management Solutions

Paul Walk

President, Grey Snow Communications

Sean Merrell

Network Engineer, Grey Snow Tech Services

Dustin Smith

General Manager, Grey Snow Green Energy

Fletcher Burton

President, Grey Snow Professional Services / Grey Snow Services

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