Adam Helweh – Chief Marketing Officer | GSMS

Adam is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Grey Snow Management Solutions, LLC (GSMS).  He develops and implements marketing strategies for Grey Snow subsidiaries and businesses.

Creative, genuine, strategic: These are some of the words you might hear used to describe Adam Helweh, CEO of Secret Sushi Creative, a global digital marketing firm. From his earlier years as an advocate, speaker, trainer, and volunteer for Youth-to-Youth, to becoming a CEO at his global marketing brand, Adam has consistently stood true to one principle: building authentic and strong relationships. Whether in his personal or professional life, having fun while building those relationships is paramount to his success.

Adam’s specialty is converging design, social, and technology to provide clients with more intelligent, interactive, and human ways to connect with customers and grow sales. Over the years, he has worked with organizations such as Edelman PR, Celigo, Broadcom, Stanford Federal Credit Union, the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, and Content Rules to name a few.

Relationships and community involvement go hand-in-hand with Adam’s fascination with the early adoption of technology. As an involved community member, Adam always has an ear to the ground to listen for what solutions are needed. For this reason, perhaps more significantly, he is an early adapter of technology. While trying out new technologies is important and fun, it is the practical applications of these technologies to creatively problem-solve that really brings the technology to life. Seeing the potential in all things is a knack that Adam has really refined over the years. It helps him when preparing for a speaking engagement and it also is a tremendous asset to those clients that choose to hire Secret Sushi for their digital marketing initiatives.

Adam resides in the heart of Northern California’s famous Silicon Valley and began his career journey outside of high school by recognizing the importance of being connected to his communities. Progressing through his young adult years, Adam began to recognize that through his community involvement, connections, and active listening he would hear his community members communicate their needs. As an entrepreneur, being able to intuitively find the best solutions is critical to delivering the best results. These companies have found Adam’s results-driven expertise to be of great value.  Adam loves getting his hands dirty working directly with clients in the trenches – even more than he loves Star Wars (and that’s saying a lot). 

Our Businesses

Grey Snow Management Solutions’ vision intentionally aligns with the expressed needs of the Ioway and Native people. In response to the Tribe’s strong desire to boost economy and infrastructure, GSMS was founded to create and expand its portfolio of regional businesses and has done so since 2019. Each business works in conjunction with the Tribe and the local community and all strive to deliver sustainable, regenerative solutions to the challenges facing the Ioway. 

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GS Construction
GS Excavation
GS Paving LLC
GS Interiors LLC
GS Road Maintenance LLC
GS Plumbing
GS Fiber Construction

GS Staffing LLC
GS Tech Services LLC
Rutana Tires & Services
GS Communications LLC
GS Manufacturing LLC
GS Business Consulting and Planning
GS Logistics

GS Green Energy LLC
GS Agricultural Services LLC
Ioway Farms LLC
Ioway Bee Farms LLC
Ioway Cattle Company LLC
GS LED Lighting LLC

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