Brad Haynes – GM of Excavation

Brad Haynes is the General Manager of Excavation for GSMS.  He is responsible for managing excavating projects and coordinating with project managers, engineers, operations, and subcontractors.

Under the direction of Brad, GSMS Excavating performs many light and heavy construction duties, which include, but are not limited to, building pads, site preparation, demolition, terrace and tile work, pond and ditch cleaning, new pond construction, and the installation and repair of new wastewater and water lines. Other duties include hauling gravel, riprap, fill-dirt, lime, and many other construction-related products.

Brad brings a rich history and knowledge of the trucking industry. For 12 years, he worked in trucking – and for 13 years, as an inspector for Union Pacific Railroad. For over 20 years, Brad also worked in both heavy and light construction. 

Residing in White Cloud, KS, on a small farm with his wife and 3 daughters, Brad enjoys hunting and fishing. He also loves spending time with his family and friends boating on the river. 

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Grey Snow Management Solutions’ vision intentionally aligns with the expressed needs of the Ioway and Native people. In response to the Tribe’s strong desire to boost economy and infrastructure, GSMS was founded to create and expand its portfolio of regional businesses and has done so since 2019. Each business works in conjunction with the Tribe and the local community and all strive to deliver sustainable, regenerative solutions to the challenges facing the Ioway. 

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