David Tam - Chief Executive Officer

David Yuen Tam is the Chief Executive Officer of Grey Snow Management Solutions LLC, a corporation wholly owned by the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska and is chartered under Tribal law. Mr. Tam runs the day-to-day operations of the Company and is responsible for implementing the Company’s strategy. 

Mr. Tam has a work history rich in global management, foreign and direct investment management, joint venture and foreign strategic partnership, technology licensing, and sustainable business development. He is a real estate consultant and investor who possesses over 15 years of experience helping U.S. and international firms grow and expand their business.

Consulting businesses since 1995, Mr. Tam has a robust knowledge base. From real estate development to manufacturing, marketing to government contracts, he knows the ins and outs. He is also skilled at identifying potential investors, merger and acquisition, grant funding, management of cross-cultural and cross border teams, performance improvement, business restructure, global market entry, and expansion. All of these skill sets benefit the GSMS team and will greatly benefit the Tribal community.

Mr. Tam along with his son, Liam are long-time residents of Eugene, Oregon. He is passionate about many organizations and is a member of: 

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