Jon Walton – Chief Information Officer

Jon is the Chief Technology Officer for Grey Snow Management Solutions, LLC (GSMS).  His role is to manage and oversee all technology operations and projects for the Tribe. This includes projects such as the fiber optics system used for internet access, broadband planning, new technology to support public Internet access, distance learning, telehealth, and smart farming. He also oversees wireless technology for public safety and public health.  

Jon has a degree in Natural Resources Planning and has worked for the private and public sectors as a technology leader for over 20 years.  His expansive role at GSMS allowed him to oversee projects involving personal computers, cyber security, public safety radios, television stations, networks, and data centers. 

Jon attributes his success to the hard work and dedication of the hundreds of people on his teams. He feels honored to be part of the GSMS team and appreciates the opportunity to work with such a smart and dedicated group of people who are dedicated to making a better life and way for the Iowa Tribe and community.

Growing up, Jon lived in a number of places around the country. He now calls Monterey, California home. In his free time he enjoys hiking, ocean kayaking, and auto racing.  

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