Lorilyn Wilson – Fractional Chief Financial Officer | GSMS

Lorilyn is the CPA and Fractional CFO for Grey Snow Management Solutions, LLC (GSMS). She thrives in helping new businesses form, strategize, and grow. This is one of the favorite parts of her job, so Lorilyn is thrilled to be a part of GSMS and to work with the Tribe.  

As a Fractional CFO, Lorilyn’s duties include accounting systems set-up and oversight, as well as consulting on new business plans and acquisitions. An established name in the accounting industry for over 9 years, Lorilyn has been an owner in two firms where she specialized in setting up and managing modern business accounting systems and business strategies. She was also named one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting in 2021. 

Lorilyn lives in Portland, OR with her two sons. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling to see friends.

Our Businesses

Grey Snow Management Solutions’ vision intentionally aligns with the expressed needs of the Ioway and Native people. In response to the Tribe’s strong desire to boost economy and infrastructure, GSMS was founded to create and expand its portfolio of regional businesses and has done so since 2019. Each business works in conjunction with the Tribe and the local community and all strive to deliver sustainable, regenerative solutions to the challenges facing the Ioway. 

Businesses Created



Energy &

GS Construction
GS Excavation
GS Paving LLC
GS Interiors LLC
GS Road Maintenance LLC
GS Plumbing
GS Fiber Construction

GS Staffing LLC
GS Tech Services LLC
Rutana Tires & Services
GS Communications LLC
GS Manufacturing LLC
GS Business Consulting and Planning
GS Logistics

GS Green Energy LLC
GS Agricultural Services LLC
Ioway Farms LLC
Ioway Bee Farms LLC
Ioway Cattle Company LLC
GS LED Lighting LLC

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