Grey Snow Construction Receives DBE/MBE Certification from the State of Kansas

Members of the ITKN receive Grey Snow Construction’s DBE/MBE certification from the State of Kansas. Shown (from the left): Cheyenne Colborn (ITKN Member at Large), Brandon Roberts (Deputy General Manager, Grey Snow Construction and ITKN Member), Lance Foster (ITKN Vice Chairman), and Tony Fee (ITKN Secretary).

Grey Snow Construction, LLC (Grey Snow Construction), has been awarded a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)/Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) from the State of Kansas Certification Program (KSCP).

This certification from the KSCP increases opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses to gain contracts and subcontracts from government and private entities committed to the inclusion of minority- and women-owned businesses, as stated on the State of Kansas website.

Grey Snow Construction is the first and only tribally owned company to ever be awarded this certification in the State of Kansas.

“This is an exciting new beginning in growing our economy by working together both with the State of Kansas and the entire Grey Snow team that worked so hard to achieve this milestone,” said Tim Rhodd, Chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska.

Grey Snow Construction operates under a holding company and is one of the tribally owned small businesses owned by the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska (ITKN).

Grey Snow Construction is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company dedicated to enhancing and supporting tribal sovereignty and sustainable solutions for tribal, federal, government, and private clients throughout North America.

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